Care label ADV FW 2016 backstage

14 settembre 2016

Care label @ Pitti Immagine Uomo

08 giugno 2016

Care label presents the SS17 Collection for Boy.

Care label @ White Milano

18 febbraio 2016

Care label presents the F/W 2016 Girl Collection at WHITE Milano

Care label @ Pitti Uomo

12 gennaio 2016

Care label is glad to invite you to Pitti Immagine Uomo

Care label flagship store opening

27 febbraio 2015

Care label opens its first flagship store in Italy, inside Italia Independent headquarters in Milan, precisely on Corso Venezia 45.

Care label @ Pitti Uomo

12 gennaio 2015

Care label is glad to invite you to Pitti Immagine Uomo

Care label @ PIitti Uomo 86

13 giugno 2014


Care label for WeAr Magazine

19 aprile 2014

Care label for WeAr - April Issue

Care label @ Fashion World - Tokyo

03 aprile 2014

Care label @ Fashion World

Care label from Japan

03 aprile 2014


Care label @ Di Pierro Brand Store - Taranto

31 marzo 2014

Corner Care label @ Di Pierro Brand Store

Care label @ La Maison Degand

18 marzo 2014


Care label @ Italia Independent

28 febbraio 2014

via Monte Napoleone, 19

Care label @ White Milano

18 febbraio 2014

Care label presents the Fall/Winter '14 Girl Collection at WHITE Milano Women's and Accessories Collection

Care label @ Modefabriek - Amsterdam

27 gennaio 2014

Care label presents the Collection FW'14 @ MODEFABRIEK
Hall 1 Blueprint stans n. 223

Care label presents the FW'14

23 gennaio 2014

Spazio Calabiana - Milan

Care label for Rolling Stone Mag

22 gennaio 2014

ROLLING STONE Magazine - January 2014
On the picture
Slim 403 - Original 111 - Red line - 001 raw - Dnm
Denim 100% cotton

Pure Indigo Cast Denim 14 ½ oz.

3/1 Right Hand - red/blue selvage

Next date

19 gennaio 2014

L'altro uomo,

Care label @ Pitti Immagine Uomo 85°

15 gennaio 2014

Care label presents the Fall/Winter '14

Happy 2014 to all Care label lovers \__/

31 dicembre 2014

Best wishes from all Care label staff.

Care label @ Sorrisi

30 dicembre 2014

Sorrisi - Bari

Care label @ Lui Boutique dal 1975

29 novembre 2013

Lui Boutique dal 1975 - Montegiorgio (FM)
Presents the Fall/Winter Collection '13
Shop window from 16 to 30 November

Care label @ Tabs shopping

20 novembre 2013

Tabs Shopping - Monte San Savino (Arezzo)

Care label @ Vincent Verlaine

19 novembre 2013

Vincent Verlaine (LIEGI - Belgium)

Care label @ Au Fuseau

31 ottobre 2013

Au Fuseau, Spa, Belgium, shop window from 21 to 31 October 2013.

Care label on Rolling Stone Magazine

17 ottobre 2013

The girl on the picture is wearing a FW13 boy shirt

Care label from Japan

03 ottobre 2013

 The man wears a Lazy 452 - Folk 291 - Gray line - 602 shipman from Care label Fall Winter '13 Collection.

Care label @ Wood

28 settembre 2013

Care label presents the Fall Winter 2013 Collection

Care label & Daniele Galliano

25 settembre 2013

September 26 - October 3 2013

Care label @ White

18 settembre 2013

Care label presents the Spring/Summer '14 Woman Collection

Collection Fall Winter 2013 | Woman

10 settembre 2013

Style Tight

Collection Fall Winter 2013 | Man

10 settembre 2013

Style Loose

Care label @ Vestil dal 1957 Torino

03 settembre 2013

Care label presents the Fall Winter 2013 collection

Care label @ Bread & Butter

16 luglio 2013

Tradeshow only for selected brands.

Bread & Butter Connect, 02-04 July 2013

02 luglio 2013

Showcase: Care label @ Julian Fashion Man

27 giugno 2013

During the day it will be possible to purchase Care label “Julian Private Stock” jeans and have them customized in real time making them unique.

White Milano 22-24 June

22 giugno 2013

Lapo Elkann & Care label

Care label Spring Summer '14

18 giugno 2013

Man Collection

The Care label Gazette N°2

28 maggio 2013

Care label communication to customers

Care label @ Brancaccio

14 maggio 2013

1 - 7 may

Care label @ Nanni Roversi

13 maggio 2013

18 - 23 april

Care label @ L'Incontro

29 aprile 2013

 8 - 15 april
Care label presents the Spring Summer 13 Collection @ L'Incontro

Care label on LEON from Japan

18 aprile 2013

The top mens fashion magazine from Japan talks about Raw Denim

Care label @ Cerdelli

09 aprile 2013

CARE LABEL presents the Spring Summer 13 Collection @ Cerdelli

Care label @ Lignini

05 aprile 2013

Care label presents the Spring Summer 2013 collection @ Lignini, 

Care label @ Falcioni

29 marzo 2013

Care label presents the Spring Summer 2013 collection @ Falcioni

Collection Spring Summer 2013

12 marzo 2013


Collection Spring Summer 2013

12 marzo 2013


The selvage denim is the true original jeans

15 febbraio 2013


Big in japan!

07 febbraio 2013

Care label on LEON: one the top mens fashion magazine from Japan.

The carelabelist: LAPO ELKANN

05 febbraio 2013

CL: You have always been considered an icon of style and elegance.
What is the style for You?
LE: Be yourself, in behavior, demeanor, attitude towards themselves and towards others, always in life, with respect and elegance. In behavior but also from the aesthetic point of view. Naturally.
CL:  What should be avoided in dressing? LE: The white socks.

CL: A garment which You could never give up?

Do you care?

16 gennaio 2013

 CARE LABEL @ BREAD & BUTTER tradeshow for selected brands

Care label @ BREAD & BUTTER

14 gennaio 2013

 BBB: tradeshow for selected brands
15 - 17 JAN 2013 
Airport Berlin Tempelhof
Hangar 7 - L.O.C.K. booth no. H7.29.2

Care label @ WHITE SHOW

12 gennaio 2013

For 2013 Care Label looks at the sea and at those who dominates it, choosing the colors of the Navy Army. Borns a gray denim in its nuances Avio, cooled by the blue idrone tones of the deepest seas. Even the colors of the carelage, the Care Label’s interpretation of the camouflage, arises from the meeting between gray and blue shades.

Winter 2013: next dates

10 gennaio 2013

Dear carelabelist,

Christmas Postcard

22 dicembre 2012

Best wishes

New Label: Tell a story

07 dicembre 2012

Care label @ Hook Motors

29 novembre 2012

Leopoldo Durante, the denim specialist.

Care label @ Hook Motors Atelier

23 novembre 2012

Care label presents the FW12 Collection, come to be a Carelabelist!

The Carelabelist, Paolo Giordano

09 novembre 2012

Paolo Giordano (born 1982) is an Italian writer who won the Premio Strega literary award with his first novel The Solitude of Prime Numbers.

Care label @ G.QUASSO

06 novembre 2012

Care label presents the Fall Winter 2012 collection @ G.Quasso, via Vittorio Emanuele 17/b - Alba (CN) Italy

Collection Fall - Winter 2012

03 novembre 2012

GIRL: style High rise

Collection Fall - Winter 2012

03 novembre 2012

BOY: style Loose

Care label showcase @ MAXI HO

23 ottobre 2012


Care label selvage

12 ottobre 2012


Care label @ SAN CARLO DAL 1973

26 settembre 2012

Care label presents the Fall Winter 2012 Collection

Care label @ White Milano

12 settembre 2012

Care label presents the

European denim line

22 agosto 2012

Photo by MINCIARELLI Eleganza maschile, TODI (Pg) Italy

BBB: Bread and Butter Berlin - July 2012

05 agosto 2012

New collection @ Bread and Butter

Next events

22 luglio 2012

Care label presents the Spring-Summer 2013 Collection


12 luglio 2012

White June 2012 edition presented a special project by the jeans brand Care Label together with the knitwear brand Drumohr for a newborn capsule collection for spring/summer 2013.


05 luglio 2012

Care label launches a new project in collaboration with its customers to enhance and expand the brand awareness among the general public: a "temporary store" made in the shops Care label.

Care label @ Bread & Butter Berlin

04 luglio 2012



21 giugno 2012

The cooperation between White and Care Label goes on throughout the stores in order to convey the brand values to the so-called Care-labelists. The series of meetings will be opened by the Biffi boutique in Milan, where, on Saturday 18th June the first “Care label Showcase” will be held. During the day it will possible to purchase Care label “Biffi Private Stock” jeans and have them personalized in real time by designer Leopoldo Durante, who will make them unique, according to the brand philosophy. Care label will be at the White show presenting the Care label Spring Summer 2012 collection.

Book "We Care"

12 giugno 2012

Press conference, from the left: Leopoldo Durante (Care label), Massimiliano Bizzi (White homme), Cav. Mario Boselli (Camera della Moda), Lapo Elkann (Care label)

Spring Summer 2012

04 maggio 2012



26 aprile 2012

The denim day in berlin on the eve of bread & butter, about 200 people attended the summit at Berlin's famous Ellington hotel to discuss or listen to topics that drive the denim world. Thank you for a great event with great guests and one great result: WE LOVE DENIM!
Pict from left: Leopoldo Durante, Andrea Tessitore and Lapo Elkann, all Care Label.

Collection Fall - Winter 2012 "LACLINE"

24 marzo 2012

Slim 412 - Blue lacline - Raw

WE AR - All about denim

20 marzo 2012

Care label style:
Tight 212 - Indie 255 - Red lacline - 002 shake raw - Dnm

STYLE Magazine - March 2012

05 marzo 2012

Jeans Lacline

Care label @ White Milano

28 febbraio 2012

A collaboration with - essent'ial

WEAR - October 2011

10 febbraio 2012

Last summer, Care label, the Italian high quality brand, started the "Care label Showcase"; some meetings of the so called "Care-labelists". The first meeting was held at Biffi, the exclusive Milan boutique; where people had the possibility to buy the "Biffi Private Stock" jeans and ask the designer Leopoldo Durante, to personalize them right there, during the show.

Wallpaper* DESIGN AWARDS 2012

01 febbraio 2012

New Ferrari California with interiors covered in washed japans denim from Care label.

Care label @ Anteprima SHOWCASE

22 ottobre 2011

Come back from Care label @ Anteprima SHOWCASE

LEON n.9 - 2011 from Japan

11 ottobre 2011

LEON, top-quality and creative life style magazines for fashion and trend leaders of japan. All the major luxury brands are represented in.

We Ar - ADV Care label

25 agosto 2011

The jeans in the picture was a Care label raw - Heritage 101, after six months.

Denim Bible

01 marzo 2011

Care label's creative director and owner Leopoldo Durante on THE DENIM BIBLE 2011, jeans encyclopedia III by sportswear international.

Care Label for 'WeAr'

15 febbraio 2011

Care label AD Campaign 2011. The paper patch: "It all comes out after washing".

White Homme

14 febbraio 2011

The italian fashion weekly magazine

White / Focus

10 febbraio 2011

Leopoldo Durante is a very kind person, a young and clear-headed man. He gave an immediate answer to the question “Why has Care label brought the production chain of its items at White?”: they want to bring to life a production process which is typical of the Italian history and to prepare to a rebirth of italian expertise in fashion through the young people’s point of view.

Private stock | White Homme

02 febbraio 2011

Thanks to Tessitura di Robecchetto Candiani S.p.A.

Tradition, value, beauty. Behind a pair of jeans

24 gennaio 2011

White chooses the brand Care label – whose name already discloses a clear meaning, a careful brand, taking care of products and customers, thus granting quality rising from an Italian production with a historic process, fair and completely made in Italy.

White homme

16 gennaio 2011

The first pair of jean made in WHITE homme

The denim day by Sportswear International

13 gennaio 2011

12.40 - 13.00 The making of Care label
Lapo Elkann and Leopoldo Durante, Owners, Care label | Italy


09 marzo 2010


Pitti & Surroundings

16 febbraio 2010

Thanks to Anna Fabroni Ph.

Some pictures from Pitti 77°

10 febbraio 2010

Fall/Winter 2010-11 Collection

Pitti immagine Uomo 76°

30 giugno 2009

Spring Summer 2010 collection

From disco

09 giugno 2009

Thanks to Anna Fabroni Ph.

Pitti immagine Uomo 75° Florence 13-16 january 2009

20 gennaio 2009

Care Label, the european denim line, presents to PITTI the fall/winter collection 2009-2010.

Happy new year coloring post

28 dicembre 2008

Bonne année / Happy new year / Feliç any nou / Godt nyttår / Štastný nový rok / 明けましておめでとうございます / Annum faustum / Felice anno nuovo a tutti!

Fifth pkt

19 dicembre 2008

The selvedge's jean is the true original denim, produced in the old shuttle looms.
The colour of selvedge is listed as an identifier’s sign on the back pocket of the jeans and on the fifth pocket.

European basic Couture

15 dicembre 2008

Eco Crew Tee

Nomen omen said the Latins

23 luglio 2008

Care in the search for quality of selvedge’s denim jeans and of other materials used. Attention to details and environmental impact.

The identity of a jeans

16 luglio 2008

These jeans do not need a label to have their own identity.

It all comes out after wash

11 luglio 2008

“You know, sometimes I wear my jeans for more than a week until they're really bad. And it makes me feel closer to me”.
From ‘The Science of Sleep’ – directed by Michel Gondry (2006)

It all comes out after wash

11 luglio 2008

“You know, sometimes I wear my jeans for more than a week until they're really bad. And it makes me feel closer to me”.
From ‘The Science of Sleep’ – directed by Michel Gondry (2006)

It all comes out after wash

10 luglio 2008

Blue, Blue Jeans

Pitti Uomo 74

02 luglio 2008

Stand Care label

Pictures from Care label Lab

12 giugno 2008

Leo and Francesca at work.

Pitti Uomo 73

06 giugno 2008

Innovation and care for the origin of a garment: in the space, full of opportunities, that separates these two extremes, can be captured the meaning of the professional experience of Leopoldo Durante, who presents at Pitti his Care Label F/W 2008’s collection. The unconditioned love for a unique material, as denim is, becomes a project that takes the form of an “ideal collection”.

Care Label for AmfAR

27 maggio 2008

The "We care" society donated two pairs of bespoke Care Label for amfAR limited edition black diamond-encrusted jeans to the auction

Care Label - D&A Los Angeles

16 novembre 2007

Designer and Agents in Los Angeles caters to thousands of retailers that are looking for international fresh brands in the marketplace. This is why, Torinovantuno showcased Care Label one of the most upcoming premium denim brand in the market.
Spring- Summer 2007 is a Market period in LA in which retailers look for new looks, exclusive lines fairly new in the market, and eco friendly collection to satisfy the eco-conscious customer.
Retailers include Atrium, Blue Art, H Lorenzo, and Free People.
Most retailers that stopped by were very interested about the brand concept and the quality of Care Label.
Participating to this show was a great way to introduce the Care Label “project” in to the market- following to a lifestyle collection in Fall 2008.

Red Boy

07 giugno 2007

Here is a wonderfull detail of a Care Label Red Boy!

Kermit the frog

06 giugno 2007

I'm kermit,
I'm proud to try to give my face to Mr. Jean.


29 maggio 2007

This is our dog Memole,
She's also helping us to find a face for Mr. Jean!

We care

02 maggio 2007

It all comes out afterwash.